2018 Campaign for Wayne Township Trustee

Let's win big in 2018 for Wayne Township's working families

The Trustee Office needs a new direction and someone leading the way with a clear vision, good judgment, and compassion. Someone to protect your tax dollars and restore your faith in local government. Sitting on millions of dollars in a rainy day fund is not helping anyone, that money needs to be utilized to help the residents of the township. Our firefighters also need to be allocated the appropriate resources to be efficient, effective, and Safe on their jobs. This is my vision for the Wayne Township Trustee.

It won't be an easy fight, and I need your help! My opponent will be well funded. In fact, in past years he has spent close to $90,000 dollars to maintain the status quo in our community.

With your support, we can win big and be a powerful voice for the nearly 147,000 residents in Wayne Township. As Trustee, I will fight against the hardships faced by many of our citizens. I will make sure our first responders are supported and ensure our tax dollars are used wisely.

Can you chip in now to help us be financially competitive?

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With your help, we can continue our fight for working people!